This list is only limited by your imagination. If you dream about it, we’ll make it!

Chocolate stix stax
Pretzel gems
Chocolate oreo gems
Bourbon Street Bark
Peanut Butter pretzel pockets
½ dipped fruit jellies
Chocolate dipped twizzlers
Chocolate dipped dried apricots
Chocolate dipped dried pineapple
Chocolate dipped dried cantelope
Chocolate dipped caramels
½ dipped jumbo cashews
P B cups
Chocolate raisin cups
Kitch’n Sink
Double dipped mints
½ dipped mints
Ripple Raisin break-up
Black Forest break-up
Special Holiday break-up
Strawberry nuggets
Blueberries & cream
Chocolate dipped bears
It’s Fudge
Milk chocolate cookie bites
Oreo cookie bites
Chocolate crunge

Coconut clouds
Chambord truffles
Kahlua truffles
Chocolate chocolate truffles
CaramallowsMint Souffle
Assorted Butter Creams
Chocolate dipped sugar wafers
Chocolate dipped “nutter butters”
Chocolate dipped “Vienna fingers”
Chocolate covered pretzels -
 (over 20 varieties)
Almond “moo” bark
Chocolate dipped marshmallows
Cashew bark
“White trash”
Chocolate dipped grahams
Chocolate dipped graham sandwich
Wrapped krispy treats
Chocolate dipped twinkie bites
Krispy krunch
Chocolate dipped oreos
Chocolate dipped mini oreos
Wynnewood squares
Pistachio party
Tropical crunch
Brittle bark
Game time
Chocolate dipped jellies
White “not blind” mice
Mint “un-pareils”

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